Ways To Increase Your Customer Base In Japan

A business’s success heavily relies on the company’s ability to attract and retain its customers. Japan is one of the fastest emerging country in terms of technology. Marketing is also getting highly digitized in Japan. So, if your company, irrespective of its size isn’t using any of the digital marketing techniques for promoting and communicating with your customers, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. SMS Marketing and Email Marketing have been proven to be one of the most effective forms of promoting your business as well as increasing it without spending a fortune.

Saino First, a cloud communication platform based in Mumbai, India can help you with all your business communication needs. We are a leading as well as reliable providers of services like Bulk SMS, Voice, and Email (for transactional as well as promotional needs) in Japan.

Festive Occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc is the best time to promote your products and services because the Japanese spend a lot during these seasons. You can use our bulk SMS or email services to send them messages regarding promotions and discounts as well as to send festive wishes.

Bulk SMS Service Features in Japan:

  • Smart link: Send your text messages with a Smart link to redirect your target audience to the desired landing page and to increase website traffic.
  • Our Saino First SMS Gateway platform allows you to send messages across 190+ countries and 800+ networks across the globe through our simple web platform or SMS API
  • Use our short code services to launch marketing campaigns with easy to remember numbers, whenever and however you need them.
  • Have a 2-way interaction with your customers with short code as well as long code numbers.
  • Send personalized messages to add a personal touch.
  • Send messages in 75+ languages
  • Send at your desired time by scheduling the messages.

Bulk Email Service Features in Japan:

  • Many features of bulk SMS are the same for bulk emails as well. Similar features like personalized messages, add smart likes to generate leads, run campaigns in your preferred languages, etc.
  • Email validation is an important procedure to reach your target audience. We provide email cleaning services so your emails can be sent to the right person and at the right time.
  • Get immediate and detailed report of your email campaigns which can help you choose the right way to approach your subscribers.

We also provide bulk voice calling service. Try our inbound voice call and outbound voice call for conducting polls, hosting contests, getting customer feedback, and staying connected with your target audience. Use our missed call services to which you can activate numbers instantly to use in fraction of seconds.

Use our platform to monitor Omni channels to get details of how your audience is reacting to your marketing campaigns. Configure our Communication API into your desired applications within 3 minutes. Our platform is easy to understand and can save lot of your time when it comes to business communications. So, try our Bulk SMS, Email, and Voice Services in Japan today by signing up for creating a new account with Saino First for free of cost.


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