Bulk Voice Calling Services In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of southern India’s Telangana state. The city has both ancient as well modern side. The old part of the city is a true exemplary of how you expect old Indian cities to be but the development in the modern part of the city depicts that the city is one of the fastest-growing city in India. Through various digital marketing tools, it is easy to reach both the sides of the city as mobile phones are being used by people on both the ends. One of the most effective tools to be added to your marketing campaign is bulk voice calls. Bulk voice call is not used by many companies but it has several benefits that you might be missing out on by not using this prominent service.

Bulk voice calls are automated voice calls that has a pre-recorded message which can be broadcasted to various mobiles as well as landline numbers with just a single click of the send button. Bulk voice call is one of the simplest and convenient ways to reach out to your customers and stay connected with them.

Benefits of Bulk Voice Call Services:

  • Easiest way to get a response from your customers
  • Cost-effective
  • Messages can be sent in multiple languages
  • Can be sent to lakhs of customers in a short span of time.
  • You can record the message in your own voice or automated voice
  • Text to speech feature allows you to personalize your messages so you don’t have to record repeatedly
  • You can schedule a particular date and time to send your recorded message as per your choice which makes bulk voice calling more flexible.

Uses of Bulk Voice Call:

  • Lead generation
  • Promoting your products
  • Sharing important information
  • Reminders or alerts
  • Announcements and notifications
  • Polls or surveys
  • Political campaigns
  • Verifications purposes
  • Customer care services
  • Fundraising

Saino First offers outstanding bulk voice calling services as we are one of the top bulk voice service providers in Hyderabad. The features provided by Saino First are as below:

  • Miscall Number: Use Saino First’s miscall services to generate leads, conduct polls, and surveys, for verification purposes, customer feedbacks and many other purposes.
  • IVR and Toll-Free: An automated smart cloud telephony Toll-free can be used by interested customers to call on a specified number which gets disconnected and no cost is incurred to the customer.
  • Click to call: Use this so your customers can seamlessly contact you. Get instant analysis and reports with the call recording option available. 
  • Give your campaigns a voice by sending messages via Text to Speech or a pre-recorded audio file that has the latest and reliable automated crystal-clear voice technology. You can even personalize these messages.
  • Configure Voice API for 2 Factor authentications.
  • Bulk upload helps you to upload the list of contact numbers you want to reach without having to type the message manually.

Conversing, Engaging, Satisfying and Converting your customers has never been a simple task. You can build a conversation anywhere and everywhere. Make, receive, and monitor calls from anywhere in the country. Sign up for a new account and try our Bulk voice services in Hyderabad via our platform or API. Log Onto www.sainofirst.com or connect with us on 8080809440 to know about our price plans.


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