Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In India

Saino First’s service for bulk sms is recognized as India’s top messaging service provider, serving different regions in India. By servicing many esteemed customers all over the country right from start-ups to corporate companies, government and educational organizations and some of the blue chip companies, Saino First has made tailor-made solutions when it comes to bulk sms services as per every customer’s requirements. In India there are many companies offering efficient bulk SMS services, but Saino First services are the best of its kind and some of the underlying reasons are as below. Read on the excerpts to know further about it.

Bulk SMS is sending text messages to a large number of people at once. SMS has an open rate of 98% which is highly compared to other marketing channels therefore it is a wise idea to consider bulk SMS for your marketing campaigns. With growing number of mobile subscribers in India, it has made SMS marketing a proven way to effectively reach out to your potential customers at the right time. Bulk SMS is an effective yet cost-efficient medium to communicate with millions of your customers in just a few seconds.

Bulk SMS can be used by mostly all sectors for sending promotional as well as transactional messages. Bulk SMS is an important tool for lead generation which can improve your sales tremendously. 

Finding a bulk SMS service provider is a tedious job since they are many providers who might provide at a minimal cost but there might be no guarantee of your messages being delivered at the right time.

While looking for a good bulk SMS service provider anywhere in India, below points are to be kept in mind:

  • Company’s success of delivery rate and speed of delivery.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Data Security.
  • System and website are easy to learn and use.
  • Well documented API integration.
  • SMS service provider should be able to scale your needs as your business grows.
  • Check if the service provider provides detailed, real-time reports of SMS campaigns because these reports can help you understand if this channel is effectively working for your business or no.
  • Smart link service is available.
  • Whether your messages can be personalized and sent in more than one language.

For the best bulk SMS service provider in India, look no further because Saino First is your one-stop destination for all your bulk SMS needs. Saino First is an award-winning cellular IT solutions company. You can send and receive text messages globally with our platform or through our API. Saino First has all the requirements when it comes to a top bulk SMS service provider and plus has added benefits. We provide the best bulk SMS services all over India. So, sign up today with Saino First and explore a free demo with us. 


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