Benefits Of Voice Calls For Businesses In Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest country in terms of both land and population but also happens to be one of the fastest-growing economy in the world. The digital age has entirely changed the world of marketing, and Brazil is no exception to it. The internet holds a massive amount of influence over Brazilian consumers, moreover sometimes in cities, the internet is the only way customers can even see a way to advertising.

Brazil has a whopping 96.4 million mobile users. So, your marketing campaigns should also revolve around mobile marketing strategies to capture maximum attention towards your business. In this digital era, there are many marketing tools like SMS marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc which enterprises can use to reach and build a strong relationship with their customers. But there is one tool that is often underused by marketers everywhere and that is voice broadcasting.

.Voice broadcast service can seem to be annoying and intrusive to some but if planned and executed strategically, it can be used by businesses to create a bigger and a much more loyal customer base that can take your business to the next level. 

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded automated messages broadcasted to your customers on their mobile phones or landline networks. Below are some of the five advantages which will make you consider using bulk voice services for your marketing campaigns:

• Through voice broadcasting, you can reach out to a wider audience compared to email and SMS. You can send a broadcast message to people in their languages who can’t read due to illiteracy and to people who are visually impaired. This increases your target audience.

• Voice calls are flexible because you can personalize your message in different languages. This adds a more personal touch and helps you to bond with your customers easily. Even if your voice broadcasts are recorded, hearing a voice on the other end, there are chances the customer will listen to your marketing message and respond positively.

• Recording voice messages require minimal or almost no human assistance. This helps companies to cut costs on staffing.

• With the help of IVR, you can provide an interactive experience to the people who receive your message by letting them respond using their touchpad or voice button. 

• You can generate qualified leads with minimum investment. Also, you can track and monitor your reports through real-time analysis by call recording and call monitoring.


Saino First is one of the Top Provider of Bulk voice calls, SMS, and Email Services in Brazil. We provide a cloud communication platform for your all business communications. These services help you to reach your target audience in the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective manner. We provide email validation to clean your email list by removing inactive users which can help you decrease your bounce rate. Use the smart short link to your text messages and emails to redirect your customers to the desired landing page and increase the website traffic. Our powerful infrastructure can handle your increasing volumes in SMS, emails as well as voice calls. You can use our web-based platform or embed our communication API in your applications, it takes hardly 5 minutes to configure our API.

Ways to Use Bulk Voice Calls:

  • Use inbound voice calls for generating leads, fundraising, customer feedback, hosting contests, etc.
  • Use outbound voice calls for event notification, verification purposes, product promotions, conduct surveys and polls, reminders and news, etc.
  • We provide with IVR and toll-free number services along with missed call services. Send voice broadcast, SMS, emails instantly to thousands of people around the world within a short span of time. Sign up for a new account and try our services in Brazil and connect with everyone globally.

Looking forward to use voice calls to grow your business in Brazil? Then bank on Saino First, The Best Provider of Bulk Voice Calls, SMS, and Email Services in Brazil. To know more about our various price plans, our products and solutions log onto or connect with us on 8080809440 for further insights. 


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