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WhatsApp Marketing A Way to Reach And Engage With the Customers

We all are in a social media revolution which is going to continue for sometime from now. With the onset of social media, it’s easier for people to connect with their friends, peers and of course organizations can easily connect with their clients. To market and promote a brand through social media is the best alternative which would increase the customer’s delight. For a competitive advantage many organizations leverage through various social media platforms. With the ground breaking innovations taking place every day, there’s a drastic change in the business communication. Among all the other social media platforms, WhatsApp a free app which is widely considered as a smart tool to reach the potential set of customers is also the cheapest and fastest way to market one’s products and services.

To increase a brand’s visibility and online reputation one must actually invest in WhatsApp Marketing. Simple yet lucid to use and which can convert marketing campaigns easily into a huge hit that would increase the business revenue.

Has anyone ever thought what makes WhatsApp Marketing a great choice?

Yes... That’s because most of the people are using WhatsApp as a platform these days to connect on personal as well professional levels. Employees can directly communicate with their peers as well as with their clients on a real time basis. To increase a brand’s visibility and online reputation one must actually invest in WhatsApp Marketing. Simple yet lucid to use and which can convert marketing campaigns easily into a huge hit that would increase the business revenue.

Most of the organizations are still sceptical to adopt social media platforms to market their products and services.  The reason being they lack adequate knowledge about social media and also not having the right resource who can work for them. However, marketing through WhatsApp has become simple, easy, fast and agile. Just through a click it ensures businesses reach a large mass of people  anywhere and everywhere. To help a business grow in terms of  it's revenue below are some of the WhatsApp marketing strategies. Let’s quickly take a snapshot of  the same.

  1. By Setting Up an Engaging Brand Persona : - Its every companies dream to be on zenith and to stand out from the crowd by creating a perfect brand image. All of us want to maintain our chats with some level of secrecy and privacy. Companies want an engaging and interactive chat with their customers which sparkles up the brands persona. In this scenario WhatsApp plays a pivotal role in providing a two-way communication between the companies and their customers. Its indeed a wonderful medium to make the customers aware about a particular brands vision. WhatsApp is an ideal platform to create a hype about a particular organization, about a particular product or service which is newly launched in the market. 
  2. By Providing Rich Content : - The main objective of WhatsApp as a marketing tool is to attract and engage customers with the brand. It’s imperative to grab customer’s attention by sending them relevant and interesting messages. For any marketing message, content is the king and creating informative, attractive content is the only ideal way to create a strong identity of a particular brand. Content should be precise, crisp topped with the right information. Incorporating images, videos, taglines, hashtags, slogans, flyers and banners along with the WhatsApp message are some of the ways to grab customer’s attention.
  3. By Creating a Powerful Database : -  It’s essential that the companies create and design a promotional message that attracts the customers when they open it. For this the companies can give a free service, host a contest or offer a seasonal discount on a particular product or service. This will attract and motivate the customers to fill in their contact information. It’s iessential for the marketers to create a strong database of the customers to target the right set of audience.
  4. By Conducting a Thorough Research : - Customers feedback works wonders in escalating the customer’s overall experience about a  company’s product or service. Well-known organizations usually conduct a brief market research to make necessary product changes every now and then to delight the customers. Consumer data like current trend, customers behaviour and their past or recent purchases can also be tracked through WhatsApp. Instant feedback can also be tracked of the customers on various product related issues they are facing. This further permits the companies to make necessary changes in their products and services. To generate new leads and to retain the existing customer’s by delighting them, marketers can easily develop some smashing and mind-blowing tactics.

We are currently in a digital epoch. To capture new customers, marketers need to strive continuously by making use of the advanced technology. And to create a smashing marketing campaign, WhatsApp is an ideal platform to attract, convince and convert especially the small-scale industry customers. In Bulk WhatsApp marketing the sender permits the companies to find the active users in their contact list. The most interesting aspect about sending messages through WhatsApp is that it can reach a large volume of people in one go. WhatsApp Marketing strategies do wonders as they involve the target audience with a holistic approach. Through WhatsApp marketing the sales are increased, revenue generated is certainly on a higher side, it builds a trust and a lifelong relationship with the customers. It’s definitely a user friendly app which doesn’t require any plug-ins. In a nutshell, WhatsApp is a widely accepted and the best app for free chats, to create a global customer base and last but not the least to drive best business results. For further insights on WhatsApp marketing log onto  Saino First is an AI-based Global SMS, Email and Voice Platform to fulfil all your requirements whether they are promotional or transactional in nature. It caters to various sectors and more than 5000+ enterprises across varied domains are already using services of Saino First. Some of  the esteemed clients include – Bank of Baroda, Sharekhan, SDCC Bank, Wadhwa Group etc to name a few. One can send offers, alert messages, transaction alerts, weekend and festive offers via whatsapp to their endless list of customers.



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