Uses of Bulk SMS in Germany to Grow Your Business

Over 85% of the people in Germany have mobile phones. SMS Marketing is one of the fastest way to reach out to them. Did you know? SMS has an open rate as high as 98%, which makes it higher than compared to most of the marketing tools. This makes it an important tactic to include in your marketing campaigns. SMS can be used for promoting as well as communicating with your customers. You can connect with a large number of people within a few seconds. SMS is also inexpensive and has high conversion rates.

SMS has an open rate as high as 98%, which makes it higher than compared to most of the other marketing tools. This makes it an important tactic to include in all of the marketing campaigns.

Below are a few ways Bulk SMS can help you to grow your business exponentially:

•SMS has a character limit so, therefore, you should make sure your content is to the point and useful for the customers. Add a clear call to action to increase your click through rate or to increase your website traffic.

•Short codes can help you in lead generations. So make sure to add them, place your short code in website homepages, ads, social media, etc.

•Repeatedly measuring your reports of SMS campaigns is an important way to improve. Experiment with different strategies, offers, timings or target different audiences and optimize your SMS campaigns for better results.

•Reach out to people in different regions, states, and countries without spending a lot of money to increase your customer base.

•Updating your customers about your products and services is very essential to boost sales. So, if there is a sale or a new product launch, they should be instantly informed about it to grab the opportunities.

•Create urgency by setting a limited validity offer so your customers can take action immediately. This can increase your conversions.

•SMS can help you to create long and loyal relationships with your target audience

Now you know how beneficial Bulk SMS can be to boost sales, but at the same time it is essential to find a reliable Bulk SMS Provider who will offer you with impeccable features.

Saino First is one of the Best Provider of Bulk SMS in Germany. Our bulk text messaging services are fast, reliable, and user friendly. Some of the features we offer for Bulk SMS are as mentioned below:

  • Smart Short link: While sending your message, you can add a link of your desired landing page in your message and we will track the results for the link. Adding a smart link makes your message look neat and concise.
  • Short Code: Short codes are special 5-6 digits number that can be used to send and receive for various purposes like opt-ins and opt-outs, customer service, etc. Use a memorable short code so people identify it with your brand.
  • Promotional-Transactional-OTP SMS: Send SMS related to promotions, OTP, account balance, reminders, new product launches, order details, etc through our portal or SMS API.
  • Bulk Uploads: No need to manually type your contact numbers. Just upload your excel sheets.
  • Scalability: Our strong and secured infrastructure will scale your business. So, if your needs are 100 or 10000 messages, you can send it effortlessly.
  • Unicode SMS: Unicode SMS allows you to send messages in your preferred language making it easy to reach a wider audience. Send messages in 75+ languages in just two steps.
  • Personalized Messages: We know how each customer is unique for you, so send them customized messages to let them know how special they are to you.
  • Strong Dashboard: Our powerful dashboard gives you a detailed and immediate analysis report of all your SMS campaigns. 

Head over to our knowledge base or API documentation to learn more about how to use our platform or API in detail or just contact us, we are available 24*7. As you know all customers are different in many ways. None of the customers like the same thing or same approach. Therefore, you can use our other services along with SMS. We are also leading providers of Bulk Email and Voice Broadcast in Germany. You can integrate our communication API into any of your applications within 5 - 6 minutes. Our cloud communication platform lets you control every aspect of your inbound voice calls and messages as well as outbound voice calls and messages. Use email validation to clean your email list to decrease your bounce rate. Send Emails through our marketing automation software to reach your customers easily and timely. Run all your marketing campaigns through a unified platform.

Don’t let your customers miss out on any information, offers, or discounts so, sign up for a free account with Saino First and start growing your business in Germany today!

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