Indians are very fond of Jewellery, especially during festive and wedding occasion, you will find women covering themselves with jewelry from head to toe. Jewelry plays a vital role in Indian culture; it is the essence of India. Text messaging helps you personalized communication with your customers. It is the form of marketing where one-to-one communication takes place between the receiver and the sender. It helps you to understand your customers needs and to fulfill their requirements. SMS is an excellent way to connect with your customers and do a survey of the products as per the customer's preferences.

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Bulk SMS can help in several ways : -

Festive Offers
Indians love sales and offers. The moment you see an SMS with a sale or discounts written on it, the urge to open it or visit the store increases. You can send discounts, promos, offers during the festive season, you can also notify them about the latest trends and collection. 

Increase Customer Engagement
SMS increases customer engagement as there is a high rate of opening messages and pleasing messages from brands are a gem. Your brand should engage with the customer across the entire customer lifecycle. So a brand’s engagement is shaped by the type of SMS sent to a customer. It should be short and crisp.

Integrate with other Channels 
SMS is a solution which you can easily integrate with all other channels like your website or social media pages. Since the SMS limit is only 160 characters, it doesn’t require much time to read. 

Customer Relationship
Since SMS is a one-to-one communication, it helps in building a healthy relationship with your customer and thereby creates a long term customer loyalty. 

Customer Follow-Up 
Send customers a feedback message to get an idea to what extent your products satisfy them, or send a thank you message, which shows your gratitude. You can also send an invitation and exciting offers on similar products based on their last purchase by keeping a track of their records.  


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