Secrets You Never Knew About Bulk SMS and Email Marketing in Chennai

Chennai is formerly known as Madras, also a gateway to south India and evidently the largest industrial and commercial hub of southern India. Most of the economic contribution that takes place in Chennai is through the Automobile sector, Software services, Medical tourism, Educational sector and financial services in Chennai.

To sustain the current growing competition companies are shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing through cloud communication platforms like Bulk SMS and Bulk Email marketing services.

Chennai is the epicenter for education, for technology and startup companies. People always revolve around technology and the best example is mobile, tablets, laptops, etc. Bulk SMS is an emerging trend in the world of marketing. Marketing is just not targeting the right customer but also to associate with their mind. Knowing what the customer wants, what is he exactly looking out for?  So what exactly is Bulk SMS and Email marketing? How do they benefit a company?

Bulk SMS is of two types Promotional and Transactional, where a company can market or pass the information to a customer by using Bulk SMS services. Marketing always demands a change in the technique and how a company can reach its target customers effectively and economically is the main crux behind the idea of marketing. 


Chennai is a metropolitan city, with a high standard of living and full of ‘tech lovers’. Marketing will term as effective when it will be noticed by the customers quickly and Bulk SMS service provides that effectiveness in marketing with minimum cost. Bulk email services also covers the same effectiveness with more freedom of creativity.

Small Businesses, Startups, and big MNCs always tilt towards cost-cutting and cost-effectiveness. Bulk SMS can be used to promote the website of the company, by attaching the Short URL of the website in the content of the SMS which will be effective for E-commerce business and many companies are in fact using it. 

Today Marketing analysis is done by the amount of ROI that a company gets in return and many small businesses, startups and financial companies are using Bulk SMS and Bulk Email services these days for promoting their products in Chennai. Many startups and small businesses have found their path through Chennai city and now these startups and businesses are stepping towards the cloud communication platform to flourish and grow exponentially.

Modern-day marketing will always surprise the customer with more innovations and sensible content, which is termed as ‘Smart Marketing’ i.e. in less time and less money the content of the marketing company should reach the targeted customer. Short, crisp, and informative content will always grab customers' attention, and companies can achieve it through Bulk SMS and Bulk Emails.  

Top-notch companies always strive for the Best Service Provider in Chennai. So planning to promote your brand through Bulk SMS or Bulk Emails in Chennai city? When it comes to Bulk SMS and Emails Saino first- an award-winning and a leading IT solutions company are here to provide you with SMS, Voice, Email, and Value Added Services in conjunction with some of the leading mobile network operators across the globe. Apart from all this Saino First also provides Al technology solutions i.e. IVR and Toll-free, Short Code, API, and smart short link to its esteemed customers. Log onto or call on 8080809440 for further information on a wide array of our products and solutions.


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