Importance Of follow up

In any B2B Sales Process, the importance of Follow Up cannot be ignored as it is one of the key determinants that separates successful sales people from the rest. It’s essential to follow-up after cold calling until you converse to the person you are trying to reach. After the pitch, it’s essential to follow-up until you have arranged a face to face meeting or have received a feedback. After delivering your cost proposal, it’s very essential to follow-up until you get a clear response or enter the price negotiations. Even the briefest contact or even the smallest deal can generate new business referrals. Treat everyone you connect as if they control your future prosperity. This is very important, no matter how successful you are as a B2B salesperson.

By making customer service and follow-up a regular part of your routine, you can keep customers happy and generate more new leads from your existing customer base via referrals and also through up-selling.

  Let’s outline three typical scenarios of follow-ups :-

Difficult-to-reach prospects:- Some prospects are pretty difficult to reach out, so you’ll need to follow-up regularly with them and at a different time of the day and on different days of the week to finally connect with them.  If you still dont receive any reply, send them an email or leave a voice message asking whether they are still interested to go ahead with. This will further help you to decide  whether you need to follow-up with that particular prospect or no.                     

Happy customers:- You need to contact your happy customers to show that you value their continued loyalty. A good time to follow up with these customers is when one of their referrals has become a customer. Sending a thank-you note, and more references are likely to result.

Current customers who might have a further need:- Staying on top-of the-mind of the customers when they are nearing their plan renewal time, is part of a B2B salesperson’s job. It’s also a new way of generating  B2B sales. To develop effective follow-up methods, one needs to understand how often the customers expect to be followed-up and what kind of problems they want you to help them resolve.

Your customer may expect to be for example:
•    Kept informed of product developments and its various upgrades.
•    Able to reach you and receive a callback
By making customer service and follow-ups a regular part of your daily task, you can keep customers happy and generate more new leads from your existing customer base via referral and upselling.

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