Transport, logistic, and courier businesses are drastically growing very fast as more companies are moving to e-commerce business, which creates an excellent space for the carriage of required goods from one place to another. With every other industry adopting globalization, these Courier and Logistic companies have also witnessed few worthy changes in the way of its processing. Smooth trading facilities, new technologies, and increasing market demand have given rise to competitive markets, allowing positive, sustainable growth for Courier and Logistic sector. Though the postal and other mail delivery services are still available in the market, courier and logistics services have been forefront due to the speed, security, and modernized methods used for delivering consignments. The SMS messaging service has proved to be an efficient mode for communication To improve the service levels of this industry. It becomes necessary for every company to inform clients about the consignment delivery status, track consignment, send out alerts and important updates, and many more features regarding the delivery status. Text messaging is a powerful marketing medium. Logistic and courier companies can use SMS services for mobile marketing and customer engagement. Many companies have replaced email, fax, and phone communication with mobile text messaging.

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It optimises efficiency as SMS can be used for payment reminders to staff rostering and also it eases out customer services work and their work load.

Bulk SMS Technology can be used for sending status of the delivery for internal communication (details to the delivery boy, drivers and also important instruction can be sent), pick up timing can be shared with the customer through SMS, new offers, discount, proposals, notification to existing customer, pricing can be sent & orders can be placed directly through the SMS facility itself.

Key benefits of SMS solutions for transport and logistics are that it reduces the cost as sending SMS through this technology is cheaper. It improves customer retention, as the customers appreciate timely updates.

It optimizes efficiency as text messages can be used for everything from payment reminders to staff rostering, and also it eases out customer services work and their workload.


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