“Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.” – Michael Dell, Dell Chairman, and CEO Saino First uses such free tools which are short link as it is free of cost while SMS/voice is not. A short-link can help track the phone numbers of the customers which is a benefit as by tracking their number the company can call/SMS the tracked numbers which can help the company to promote their business more. Whenever an entrepreneur decides to start a new business, the first apprehension to his mind is how to keep the cost minimum. Launching an online business is not all about just building a website and taking it online, there are several other procedures & certain costs, such as registering the domain, business name registration, getting a server, etc. However, additional operational costs can be minimized with the help of technology to reduce the budget within the limit. There are many tools and resources for startups that not only help in minimizing the cost but also saves time and make your business look & operate smartly. From recruitment to project management, email marketing to CRM, and every other critical element involved in running a startup, today, there’s a tool available for everything. The following are some free tools for a startup: • ClickMeter: ClickMeter Monitors, compares and optimizes all marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate • Google Analytics: To analyze visitor behavior. You can track your website’s bounce and retention rate and create custom goals. You can even know the gender, age, and location of the visitors. • HubSpot: A leading global growth platform with thousands of customers, Hubspot is comprised of Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools that they need to grow. • BlogSpot: Blogspot is a platform to publish free blogs under a subdomain “example.blogspot.com.” Anyone can start Blogging career, so nothing is better than Blogspot by the Search Engine Gaint Google.

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Gaining resources, establishing goals, objectives and company culture, assessing risks are only a few of the major elements that we need to consider.

Startup Marketing Tools are necessary

A startup and a small business are different as a startup tries an unproven product, service, or business model. Hence, startups don’t have the budget to go toe-to-toe with big companies and win through advertising. Also, startups are usually run by solo-entrepreneurs or small teams and have limited time for marketing.

Following are the main reasons for this:

  • Startups have to be lean – build, measure, and learn.
  • Have to be smarter with money and resources.
  • Also, have to be agile – with speed and capitalization of opportunities.

Even though almost every company makes use of various apps and software, not every tool is appropriate for each organization. It should be selected according to the business model, strategies used by the management, or the area of work. Saino First provides appropriate free tools which lead the organization to grow. Gaining resources, establishing goals, objectives, and company culture, assessing risks are only a few of the major elements that we need to consider.

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