Flow of Programmable SMS and Voice with API.

Programmable SMS is a tool for marketing your product and an easy way to connect with your huge customer base. Up to 80% of the population can be reached through SMS. According to a survey, 80% of people will view the message within three minutes of delivery. SMS communication is the most preferred means of communication because of its faster response time and higher open rate. So, this is a great opportunity for everyone to reach a wide range of people, and Saino first will be a platform for everyone to achieve it. Saino first provides you with a high-quality SMS, featuring API with high deliver ability rate. With the help of Saino first API, you can send 2000 SMS per second worldwide. API is a well-defined software interface which enables the system to send a message via an SMS gateway.

The medium of communication is a vital part of any business to bring new customers and to retain the old customers.

Integration of API will allow the user to send messages to their customers without any failure, and also the delivery ratio will be high. API provides you a 2 way service of SMS to get feedback from the customers as well as to get suggestions from the customers. API can be configured within 5 minutes, and it is safe and secured to use. 

The medium of communication is a vital part of any business to bring in new customers and to retain old customers.

Saino first knows the importance of communication and gives a great platform to interact with customers directly.

For example:

SMS-API can be implemented in the banking sector for their customers to give the transactional details to each of their customers. SMS-API can also be implemented in hospitals, for patients giving their appointment details through SMS.

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