Expand Your Business In Meerut Through Bulk SMS Services

Meerut is an ancient city in Uttar Pradesh with some of its settlements which dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It’s one of the largest producer of sports goods, musical instruments. The city is well- known as “Sports city of India”. Meerut has also emerged as an educational hub in Uttar Pradesh. One of the important industrial town of western Uttar Pradesh with several traditional and modern industries, traditionally known for its handloom work and scissors industry. According to statistics with a growth rate of 18%, by 2030 Meerut will emerge as one of the top industrial hub in India.

According to statistics with a growth rate of 18%, by 2030 Meerut will emerge as one of the top industrial hub in India.

With this fast growth rate, have you ever thought of expanding your business in Meerut through telecommunication marketing by tapping huge markets with efficient budgeting?

Here are a few tips on how you can grow your business via telecommunication marketing in Meerut. SMS marketing is known for its efficiency in nature. If done properly it can help you to take a big piece of market share. But it’s important to follow some basic guidelines. So let’s quickly take a sneak-peak at few of the guidelines.

Write concise and concrete – An SMS has 160 characters. You should write a short and crisp message that would convey your whole message in few words. Moreover, nobody likes unnecessary information.

Time is crucial – Nobody likes to receive unnecessary promotional and sales messages at odd hours. If you deliver your promotional SMS too early in the morning or late at night, then it’s a bad idea and usually results in a poor response rate. Moreover, this is against TRAI regulations to send SMS in the early morning or late at night. So, to know the perfect time for launching your promotional campaign, you should talk to your bulk SMS service provider.

Get your landing pages ready – By short link integration, you can add with your message so that customers can be redirected to your company’s website. It can also act as a lead generation or for market research of your business.

Get cloud-based IVR solution – Your SMS gets into the hands of thousands or lacs of users at the same time and most of them will end up calling you at the same time. For this situation, you must have an interactive voice response system otherwise you’ll lose some of the valuable leads.

How to opt for the Best SMS service provider in Meerut?

When it comes to bulk SMS marketing Saino first is the leading service provider in Meerut. With the team of right expertise, Saino first usually understands your business requirement and then the team strives to ensure your aspiration and expectations are met. Saino first works towards getting a competitive edge while eventually helping you to grow.

Saino First emerged as one of the fastest growing Direct and Digital Marketing Solution provider in India. The No.1 Choice of Marketers and Technologists with 5000+ Clients, Experienced Professionals, 9+ Years of Expertise. Saino First is a winner of We School Innovation Award. Saino First is also the Top 10 Most Promising Technology Service Providers of the year 2019 as stated by “Silicon India”. For further insights on our products and services, log on to www.sainofirst.com or connect with us on 8080809440.


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