Digital Era And How to Service The Consumers

The word “era” generally refers to a long and distinct period in history. Although you can slice and dice history in many different ways, I believe that almost everyone will agree that Digitization, Urbanization, and Globalization are the terms currently in vogue that are forcing people to change – pushing companies to commence onto digital transformation to customer experience. We have seen a drastic and a rapid shift from traditional forms of marketing i.e. (Print, Outdoor, and Television) to more technology-driven, digital marketing efforts.

A big revolution has taken place in the form of technology. Hence, the companies need to be available across all digital channels to boost their customer experience and make their digital presence worth it.

Customer demands are increasing day by day. To meet those ever-growing demands,  companies need to offer an exceptional customer experience which leaves a positive impact on them for lifelong. Many major changes have taken place in all the sectors eversince the digital era’s inception. Companies are adopting the digital techniques  and finding  new ways to excel in it while some are still engaged with the traditional means of marketing. Before demonetization, some customers were accepting & adapting the digital methods  slowly and steadily while some were reluctant to use it but soon after the big phase of demonetization took place people started using various means of digital payments and also other forms.

A big revolution has taken place in the form of technology. Technology has opened the doors for customers to get what they want, whenever they want, and however they want. People are getting adapted to payments by using plastic money (credit & debit cards). With the commencement of Digital channels, people are getting used to browse, research, read reviews, compare, ask peers for recommendations before proceeding to buy a particular thing. Many forms of digital payments have emerged making life easier such as free charge, Google pay, Paytm, etc. Nowadays even rickshaw drivers ask to Paytm them the travel fare. Such a huge impact digital era has created. Did anyone back in the 1990s ever imagined a rickshaw driver having a smartphone and asking to pay him with digital money? I think no one ever imagined it back then. Traveling here and there all day long for that perfect outfit to wear on a special day like farewell party, birthday or for the prom night and if you can’t find one then the day  turns out to be a wasteful and tiring too.  But now with the advent of shopping apps, shopping has become much easier and stress free than earlier. I mean sitting back at home relaxed and sipping up a cup of coffee one can browse and find that ‘perfect outfit' for your D-day.  Applications have made everyone’s life pretty easier and this is the new competition which companies are currently facing. Hence companies are coming up with their own applications to connect with their customers and make space for themselves in the market.

Digital customer service has become a marketing channel itself. Earlier, customer service meant handling customers in the physical location but today customer service includes texting, website chat boxes, answering multiple phone calls, website user experience, being on social media, listings, browsing and the list goes on and on. Since we are into the digital era, the way of marketing has changed enormously. Now it is not limited to just marketing your products through advertisements, flyers or word of mouth but being in constant touch with your customers by sending them messages along with short links for alerts, offers, feedbacks which will direct your customers either to your app or your website. For further insights on SMS marketing, log onto Saino First an AI-based Global SMS, Email and Voice Platform is here to fulfill all your requirements whether they are promotional or transactional in nature. One can do a lot with the help of Digital Technologies so let’s build something together.

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