Today people are moving more towards digital, and it is essential to engage your customer in business. Here Saino First helps to engage the customers in online health care. Online healthcare services are just the same as healthcare services. But the difference is everything is getting digital. You can book your doctor appointment; you can consult your doctor online and order your tests, get online medicines just through an order. These are the services which are included in Online Healthcare services. In online health care, Saino First helps to engage with their customers by providing the services. Saino First helps to give the appointment details to their customer, it also gives the status of their report and when to collect the report. It helps to give the availability of the doctors for a check-up. It also gives the remainder to the patient about their next check-up. If there is an offer for a master check-up, it gives an intimation to the patient without fail. If a patient claiming for insurance, then it gives the status of that insurance whether it is accepted or rejected.

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Today people are moving more towards digital and customer engagement is becoming important in business, so move to our services for a better experience.

In today’s world, we are facing new disease, and it is important to vaccinate our new-born babies at the right time periodically. Saino First helps the parents of new-born babies about the vaccination and gives the remainder in terms of SMS or voice call about the vaccination.

Today people want to save their time, and they don’t want to wait and waste their time. Saino First helps in it by providing the right time when the patient needs to come and meet the doctor and the right time to collect their report by SMS services.


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