For a country like India, a well-established and progressed insurance sector is always a boon for the overall economic and social development. An insurance company helps to develop the infrastructure of the nation by facilitating long-term funds and improve the risk-taking capability for the country. Over the years, the Insurance sector has grown multifold while diversifying its services in all major fields, which are increasingly affecting our lifestyles. From life insurance to automobile insurance, House Insurance to business Insurance, health Insurance to General Insurance, Shop Insurance to Corporate Insurance, Accidental Insurance to Natural Calamity insurance, and Children Insurance to Senior Citizen Insurance, everything under the sky is covered by Insurance companies. Communication has been part and parcel of this increasingly growing Industry. Various factors like improvement in product analysis, modernized distribution channels, proper marketing, and promotional strategies adopted by vigorous insurers add advantage to drive this very sector to its overall development. Merging the Insurance industry with SMS marketing can make dealing with clients, pushing out information and marketing easier and efficient, especially on a large scale.

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Saino First believes in ultimate customer satisfaction and we strive hard for our clients to achieve the same in insurance companies as well.

Eventually, Text/SMS Messaging has been widely used by Insurance companies for business communications. With SMS solutions, the Insurance sector has increased customer acquisitions and improved communication and retention process both for the organization and its customers. Insurance agents can take the maximum benefits of SMS marketing. Insurance agents can use Bulk SMS services to send out reminders on due payments, policy details, premium alerts, additional coverage options to its clients. Bulk messaging services at Saino First can help them to build excellent rapport with the customers while managing their brand image.

Saino First is one of the leading SMS solution provider offering excellent messaging services to many companies. Our Bulk SMS services will help you to capture the new potential markets with regards to the Insurance business. We aim to proliferate your profitability directly and indirectly with our bulk SMS service.

Saino First believes in ultimate customer satisfaction, and we strive hard for our clients to achieve the same.




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