Bulk SMS Service for Political Campaigns

Election campaigns as we can see off late have gone digital due to which the Election results also get affected by a greater margin as compared to the traditional ways. Promotions and Marketing see its space not only in any business model or industry, but also has a huge demand and need in the Political arena too. As the time is changing, the way of conducting a political campaign should also go through some obvious changes. Hoarding and pamphlets printing are the traditional ways of promoting any political election but have an immense amount of investment behind it, and at the end we see all the hoarding and pamphlets torn out or lying on the road or with the hawkers which is used to serve food. Using a digital medium for the promotion reduces the cost of the campaign and one can reach out to maximum number of people at a given point of time. We at Saino First provide a platform to run a Political Campaign through our ready-to-go and user-friendly website. Candidates can send customized SMS in any Language to the voters to appeal to vote and ask for their support, like in any upcoming roadshow or such activity.

Candidates can send customized SMS in any Language to the voters to appeal them to vote and ask for their support like in any upcoming roadshow, rally or any other activity.

Candidates can let the voters know by using the Bulk Voice Call service in which the recorded  voice of the candidate is played after the voter picks up the call.

Simple IVR can also be included in the Bulk Voice Call service in which number of responses are present (for example - Press 1 for “ a voter,” Press 2 for “ a supporter” etc.) through which the candidate can get an idea about the interested users.

Voters can subscribe to the candidate via SMS or Missed Call to get regular updates from the candidate.
The campaign can be run from our side as per your instructions, content, and desired time through our team without any hindrance.

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