Bulk messaging is the delivery of high number of SMS/text messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It's sending a particular text message (with or without some variable content) on a humongous contact list at a desired time. This is a way of communication through which you can communicate with millions of customers at a affordable price within a time frame. It can be used pertaining to any industry or sector you imagine. It may be private sectors or government bodies, enterprises, media companies, banks (for fraud control and marketing) consumer brands for a variety of purpose including enterprise, and mobile marketing, entertainment, etc. Bulk messaging is commonly used for sending reminder alerts, marketing information but at the same time information and communication between both the staff and customers can also be done via bulk messages. The bulk SMS facility has no restrictions on the number of SMS sent per day like in our regular usage we can only send 100 SMS per day. When you opt for running an SMS marketing campaign for your company, you can relax about the pricing. Bulk SMS is cost effective and is charged on the basis of per SMS.

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Bulk messaging is commonly used for sending reminders, alerts, marketing information and also for communication between both staff and customers.

"Communication is the the human connection a  key to personal and career success".
- Paul J. Meyer

We, at Saino First, try to maximize the efficiency of our clients in reaching out to our potential customers and communicate with them to give an extra edge in the realm of marketing. As communication between the producer and the user is the primary need of any business, hence keeping this in our mind we try every second to improvise our facilities and enter other modes of communication like Voice, Bulk Email, WhatsApp, IVR, and Toll-Free.
We know the importance of ad creation and penetration of the markets for startups. We are here to boost up to the market, and to get you to new heights in business. 

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